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New Tool Added To The Upright MRI World For Enhanced Patient Treatment

Upright MRI of Deerfield is at the forefront of medical technology with its updated and state-of-the-art Upright MRI Scanner. This leading company in healthcare innovation offers a stress-free MRI scan to patients.

The MRI scans we typically think of are tunnel scanners where the patient needs to lay down in a tube. However, studies have shown that this actually increases anxiety around the scan, meaning patients would often fear their appointments. The scans also didn’t help very much with a diagnosis for certain ailments, as the body wasn’t under the natural strain that it would be if that patient were upright.

In 1996, this all changed, when an upright MRI scanner came into play.

CEO of Deerfield, Dr. Michael Fox, discussed his views on the changes that upright MRIs had made to both patients and medical professionals.

“Upright MRI Scanners are amazing pieces of technology. Not only do they highlight issues more easily due to the natural posture of the body, speeding up the diagnosis process, but they also make the patient feel more at ease and in control, making the appointments much easier for everyone. Thinking of the bigger picture, the scanners also help to cut down the number of appointments that patients need to achieve an accurate diagnosis, meaning it frees up more medical appointments and makes us all more productive too. There just isn’t a downside.”

The company even went one step further recently to upgrade their MRI equipment, including more code and extra magnets to the technology. This makes it more intelligent and the results more accurate in a faster time period.

The best thing about the scanners is that they can be adjusted to suit any height, so the same scanner can be just as accurate for children as adults – something that traditional scanners could struggle with.

How Do They Help With A Diagnosis?

There are certain ailments that are readily picked up by MRIs if a patient is sitting in an upright position.

Cranio-cervical Joint Instability (CCJ)

This is a condition where the ligaments in the neck become stretchy or loose, meaning that the head isn’t as supported as it should be by the neck, causing pain and sometimes dizziness. This can be caused by an accident or trauma or could be a congenital issue such as Ehler-Danlos Syndrome.

Chiari Malformations

CM is caused by a section of the brain exiting the skull from a natural hole at the back. The brain stem will then fuse to the spinal canal, causing pain and eventually, loss of motor functions if it isn’t dealt with quickly.

Because both of these problems are identified by initial strain upon the neck and back of the head, they cannot be picked up as easily if the patient is laying down. This is because the strain is alleviated by the position of the shoulders.

An Upright Weight Bearing Positional MRI Scanner allows the patient to sit in a natural position where the strain is present, helping to highlight the issue much faster and helping to achieve an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Fox went on to say, “These conditions affect thousands of patients per year and previously the scanners just weren’t equipped to deal with the swift diagnosis of all these people, so many would go undiagnosed and would have to bear the pain for months before anything was done. The new, improved Upright MRI Deerfield Scanner changes everything for these patients.”

If you would like more information on an Upright Weight Bearing MRI Scanner, contact Upright MRI of Deerfield today at 847-291-9321 or visit:

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