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Where To Look for Roofing Companies That Need Workers in the USA?

For freelance roofers, it can be tricky to find work. With a recession looming, it is even more important for freelance roofing contractors to know how to find work; so this is one of the reasons we talked to Len Roofing, a Chicago based roofing contractor, for some direction on the best advice to give freelancers.

This news article informs you where to look for roofing work.

What Does Someone Who Works in Roofing Do?

Roofers or those who work in the so-called roofing industry are people who are dedicated to building, maintaining and repairing roofs.

Their job is to climb to the top of all kinds of houses for the installation, maintenance and repair of roofs, for example in buildings, companies, shops or residential houses.

In addition, they take care of replacing broken parts, repairing leaky roofs and offer adequate safety conditions with their hands. In general, they use various construction materials, such as tiles, straw, wood, metal, steel, cement, clay, aluminium or even solar panels.

As a pointer, here are just some of the basic skills and requirements for the position:

Experience in maintenance and repair of roofs; Minimum of more than 3 years.

Follow the security guidelines required by each company.

Fulfill customer orders.

Climb stairs frequently.

Work on very high ceilings sometimes.

Movement + Strength; It is a very physical job. You have to bend, stand, kneel for several hours, as well as having to lift and carry items.

Where To Look for Roofing Work?

To search for a roofing job, we recommend that you enter the term “roofer” or “roofing” and filter according to the area where you are in the United States within these web platforms specialized in job offers:



Simply Hired


How To Find Roofing Companies That Need Workers in The USA?

Looking for a roofing job in Florida… Looking for a roofing job in Dallas, TX … Where to start?

First, refine and narrow your search: roofing + your area. With this filter you can leave out options that will not interest you.

Before googling the terms, to search for roofing companies that need workers more directly, it is suggested to enter some of the employment web platforms mentioned above.

Many companies usually post ads on them looking for workers who know how to install, maintain and repair roofs of all kinds. It is a good starting point to start the search.

Likewise, it can be complemented by entering the official websites and/or social networks of each company to see if they now have any job offers available.

Often, those roofing companies that urgently need workers will have a page on their website dedicated to job offers. Otherwise, try to apply anyway by sending a short e-mail with your CV, indicating your experience.

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